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How about if I have Fibre internet from other providers?

✅ We will assist you to switch to Maxis Home Fibre 
✅ Also we check and ensure you will get 6 months subscription free when you are successfully transferred to Maxis Home Fibre
✅ It's total Free to switch over to maxis, there is no internet downtime or interruption

RM66 monthly for 100MBPS

RM96.75 monthly for 3000MBPS

Wasap now : https://wa.me/+601156298968

What are the benefits if I switch to Maxis Home Fibre?

You will get to enjoy:

  1. Free standard installation and consultation from Maxis installer, known as Maxperts
  2. New WiFi 6 certified router with wider coverage, improved speed and capability to connect more devices
  3. Variety of home devices e.g. iPad, PS5 and many more are available on Fibre Zerolution Contract from as low as RM1/month
  4. Bundled Maxis Home Fibre with your Maxis mobile line(s) to enjoy unlimited home and mobile data for your family 

How much you save ?

✅ It's really unbelieveable that you can save so much for the switch over to Maxis Fibre

✅ Also you are qualify to get add on gadgets to be pay monthly

Note: To ensure your have uninterrupted internet service at home, do not terminate your existing service before Maxis Home Fibre installation is completed

Maxis Home Fibre


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