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Is this safe and legitimate to send documents to us for application?

Don't worry

✅ We are doing this business for more than 15 years. 
✅ We are serious and careful in dealing with all documents. There is no chance for the scammer. 
✅ We also put up stringent measures, if there is any agents found doing suspicious activities, without consideration the case must be reported to the authority concerned.
✅ Safe, efficient and trusted Maxis Home Fibre Reseller

Why do you apply Maxis Home Fibre with us ?

✅ We are always been selected exclusively to run special offer for customers where you can't find it at Maxis centre or elsewhere
✅ We provide fast service and genuine information
✅ We always deliver on what we promised
✅ Apply online with us where you don't feel the stressfulness to queue up for along time at the centre and also the hassle to find parking under the hot sun.